Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Post - Introduction and classwork

Hello, my name is Jared Jones and I am an aspiring concept artist. After spending my first few semesters at a junior college not really knowing what I wanted to do I found myself in a drawing and composition class. After that course, I began taking more and more art classes until I got to the point where my entire schedule consisted of studio art. Two and a half years later I got accepted into Laguna College of Art and Design with a fairly substantial scholarship. That, more or less, is where I am at the point of this first post. I am a few weeks into my first semester at LCAD and I am enjoying virtually every moment of it.

I will be using this blog to post class and personal work, if you are interested in seeing my most recent work feel free to follow the blog as work will be posted here first.

Below is a digital painting done in photoshop using two brushes. Every part of it was painted free-hand, no copying or tracing was done. I have included the reference piece and a few WIP frames.

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